How to play

For 2 or more players

Place the letters face down on a table. Take it in turns to turn the pieces until a word of 3 or more letters can be made. If you see and say the word first, you take it and put in front of you. BEWARE. From now on the game has two sides: words are made from the middle and existing words are snatched if changed by one or more letters. Thus, your CAT, may become their CART which could be snatched as TRACK seconds later. Continue until all the letters have been turned and players agree to stop playing and start scoring.



  • All words must have 3 or more letters
  • If 2 players spot a word at the same time, the longest word wins.
  • All players may take a word at any time during play.
  • You must change the meaning of the word
  • You can add as many letters as you like but you must use all the letters of the word you are snatching.
  • Words must be lengthened not just rearranged.
  • No names, no slang.
  • You may add to your own words.
  • You may take any number of complete words and join them together to create a new word.


The first 3 letters of a word score 1 point, subsequent letters score 1 point each. e.g. TAN (1 point), THA-N (2 points) CHA-NT (3 points), SNA-TCH (4 points)