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History of Unhappy Families
Meet the Unhappy Families

The History of Unhappy Families...

My sister in law came to stay and said that they had been playing Happy Families the night before and wasn’t it strange how things had changed … and so the idea was born. I came across Sian Pattenden who has just written a book (out next year) The Awful Tale of Agatha Bilke and thought her illustrations were fantastic. Then I spent happy hours inventing the 40 characters who make up the cast. I should say here that all members are fictional and any likeness to anybody living or dead is entirely unintentional.

So out went Mr Bone the butcher, and in came Seth Blameless, the therapist. Out went Mr Bun the Baker and in came Janice Wright, the divorce lawyer. Out went Miss or Master anyone. In came the triplets and the designer poultry.

We have had a great time making it. I hope you have a great time playing it.

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